Blended Learning

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Filling in the gaps.
Expanding learning possibilities.

Through a combination of two-way live-streamed instruction and online coursework, Blended Learning from Greenbush allows schools to expand their course offerings and fill in the gaps during times of staffing shortages. Blended Learning courses also help students receive the credits they need and develop soft skills to prepare them for success.


Greenbush Blended Learning opens up new pathways to learning. Through a combination of online coursework and weekly live instruction, students have access to math, science, and foreign language classes that might be otherwise unavailable, including several AP courses. There is no base fee for schools to participate, and fees are assessed on a per-student basis.


  • Provides high-quality online courses supplemented by live instruction from expert teachers
  • Helps schools offer courses that would otherwise be unavailable
  • Helps schools fill gaps during staffing shortages 
  • Builds communication and technology skills among participating students as they interact with teachers and classmates in a virtual setting 
  • Available courses include AP, Dual Credit, and High School Physics; AP, Dual Credit, and High School Math; French I, II, and III; and Spanish I, II, and III

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