Early Learning Thursdays

Animal tracks, finger paints and STEM! Oh my! Bring your quizzical kids to our Early Learning Thursdays where they will get to explore the world around them, things on the farm and much more! These camps are held from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday mornings for 4 year olds and kids going into kindergarten in August.

Note: Parents are responsible for transporting early learners to and from camp; busing is not available.

From Page to Stage | June 7
Like Shakespeare said, all the world’s a stage. Come behind the scenes to see how to produce a play from the script to the stage, from the costume design to recording the final product. Break a leg!

On the Farm | June 14
Lots of little critters make their home on the farm. Don’t believe us? Just ask Old McDonald! Our junior farm hands will discover these different creatures, how they’re cared for, and ways they make human life possible. Enjoy a morning or afternoon down on the farm, filled with songs, games, and crafts perfect for our youngest campers!

Nature Around Me | June 21
Nature is all around us and it can be pretty neat! Dirt, sand, rocks, water, trees, grass, fish, reptiles, mammals; all of nature sparks a natural curiosity in our young campers’ minds! Come explore all the living and nonliving wonders Greenbush has to offer! We may get messy on the trail so come prepared!

Just Keep Swimming | June 28
Hold on! Here we go!! Next stop, KNOWLEDGE! The Pixar classic, Finding Nemo just released its sequel, Finding Dory, last summer. In honor of this series, we think now is the perfect time to dive into some hands-on, underwater-themed play. Our little “Squishies” will enjoy activities including sea-foam sensory play and creating their very own ocean in a bottle. We know this camp will have them saying “whooOoa!”

Explore YOUR World | July 5
There’s a whole big world out there just waiting to be discovered. Before we start exploring, we need to be familiar with our home. From your backyard to downtown buildings, come explore your world and build a world of your own.

A Century Ago | July 12
The beginning of the 20th century was an era of great change in the United States. Jazz and ragtime music broke onto the scene, inspiring fun styles of dance like the foxtrot and the Tango, while sensational art techniques and silent films provided more entertainment for this decade. The 1910s also debuted creations we still value today, like parachutes and Oreo cookies. Our little time travelers will spend the morning exploring all the fun the 1910s has to offer!

Brain Builders | July 19
Children have an endless amount of questions. Fortunately for you we’re prepared to give them all of the answers… Well, many of them. Bring your little inquisitor to our Brain Builders camp and let them explore the STEAM world to their heart’s content!

The Art of Making a Mess | July 26
“…Greatness is a messy thing.” – James Gray. Creating art is never a tidy process, but in this camp the disarray is the masterpiece! From finger paints to splatter art, our junior imagineers are invited to let the colors fly, literally! Parents are advised to help our artists prepare for their work by dressing in their least favorite, mess-ready clothes.