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Through Decades of Change in Education,
Hands-On Learning Has Been Our Constant.

Educator and entrepreneur Harvey Dean founded his start-up in 1971 by creating hands-on kits in a garage. We have progressed steadily since then, growing our portfolio around a core of hands-on projects, scalable curriculum, and effective learning environments meant to address all learning styles.

The context in which we work is STEM, as it integrates the core disciplines that enable students to solve problems, be creative, think with their hands, work together, and articulate ideas. Through decades of change in education, providing competency-based, collaborative, hands-on learning opportunities has been our constant focus.

We have cycled the engineering design process ourselves many times through the evolution and development of hands-on projects, constantly learning and improving along the way. That is why so many of our flagship products have endured the test of time.

We have found what works; we know how to engage students in the relevant integration of STEM concepts while helping them master 21st-century employability skills.

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