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Movie Licensing USA provides Public Performance Site Licensing to K-12 schools and public libraries on behalf of the major Hollywood motion picture studios. In addition to providing peace of mind, this license ensures that the legal requirement in met when entertainment movies are used legally in these public venues.

According to Federal Copyright Law, a movie license is required anytime a school shows a movie for entertainment purposes such as: Family Movie Nights / Fundraising Events, Before/ After Care, Student Rewards / Incentives, Indoor Recess / Holidays, Summer Camps, or Staffing Emergencies.

In addition to fulfilling a legal requirement, Movie Licensing USA also provides promotional materials to help promote your events, fun family night ideas, as well as fundraising activities to share with your staff.

The Public Performance Site License cover each site individually. Therefore, each separate school building requires a license. If you have questions on whether or not your schools are considered separate sites, please contact Tina Smith to ensure proper coverage.

Tiers range 150 and under FTE - 3501 and above.  For questions, contact Tina Smith at tina.smith@greenbush.org or 620.724.6281.

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