TORSH Inc., drives significant gains in student success by improving educator instructional effectiveness. TORSH’s flagship product, TORSH Talent, is an online professional learning platform that harnesses the power of video, actionable data, and expert coaching to promote high-quality growth opportunities for educators, accessible at anytime and from anywhere.  TORSH delivers a simple mobile app for capturing classroom video and an online platform that makes it easy TORSH Talent is HIPAA and FERPA compliant and serves tens of thousands of educators in over 2,000 schools in the United States.  

The TORSH Talent mobile app allows you to easily capture video of your practice in order to facilitate video-based reflection, coaching, and collaboration around teaching practice.

When used in conjunction with Talent, TORSH's cloud-based collaborative feedback platform, the TORSH Talent mobile app is a great way to capture evidence of your practice so that you can reflect on the work that you’ve done, as well as share your work with qualified experts who can help you grow and improve into the exceptional teacher that you are.

This mobile app is compatible with all of the web platforms developed by TORSH, and it is the easiest way to capture video and upload it to our video-based professional development platforms. Please visit for more information about TORSH, TORSH Talent, and TORSH Talent HS.

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