Infant-Toddler Networks


947 W. 47 Hwy.
PO Box 189
Girard, KS 66743


Name Title Email Phone
Murnan, Monica Director Of Student Support Services 620.724.6281

OCCK, Inc - Cloud, Dickinson and Republic Counties 

1710 W Schilling Rd
Salina, KS 67401


Name Title Email Phone
Jefferson, Nancy Early Intervention-Paraprofessional 785.243.1977

Infant-Toddler Services of Johnson County 

6400 Glenwood St.
Mission, KS 66202


Name Title Email Phone
Amensen, Erica Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Anderson, Chloe Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Antista, Elise Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Arndt, Lori Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Ashley, Angele Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Bacon, Kaitlin Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Bax, Haley Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Byrd, Beverly Early Interventionist-RN 913.432.2900
Cannon, Judy Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Carson, Lezli Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Conn, Molly Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Devlin, Nadine Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Dyer, Susan Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Estes, Tracy Early Interventionist-MSW 913.432.2900
Gahagan, Teresa Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Grosdidier, Carrie Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Guthrie, Cathy Early Intervention-Office Manager 913.432.2900
Harris, Heather Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Hill, Christine Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Hoelting, Katie Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Kieffer, Libby Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Kinsinger, K'cie Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Mailloux, Jocelyn Early Interventionist-OT 913-432-2900
Mason, Kelly Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
McConnaughey, Magen Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
McGeehan, Mary Ellen Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
McGhee, Meghan Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Moreno, Jana Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Nelson, Laura Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Newcomer, Deirdre Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Olesen, Nicole Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Pate, Stacy Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Pedrotti, Angela Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Peters, Brooke Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Pickert, Stephanie Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Ross, Monica Early Intervention-Program Director 913.432.2900
Sasse, Lindy Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Smith, Kay Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Sohl, Hannah Early Interventionist-MSW 913.432.2900
Soper, Karin Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Stutz, Trina Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Talbott, Suzanne Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Weber, Dana Early Interventionist-RD 913.432.2900
Wiedower, Nikki Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Wilcox, Amy Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Woodring, Meredith Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Worley, Stacey Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Yates, Lynn Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900

Leavenworth County Infant-Toddler Services 

210 E. Mary
Lansing, KS 66043


Name Title Email Phone
Chop, Kelli Early Interventionist-OT 913.250.1111
Foster, Anna Early Interventionist-SLP 913.250.1111
Hernandez, Maureen Early Intervention-Program Director 913.250.1111
Hiebert, Lori Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.250.1111
Maiava, Ashley Early Interventionist-SLP 913.250.1111
Matthews, Deborah Program Support 913.250.1111
Quisenberry, Tricia Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.250.1111

REACH tiny-k 

1407 Wheat Rd
Winfield, KS 67156


Name Title Email Phone
Bowling, Zoe Early Interventionist-MSW 620.229.8304
Fox, Julie Early Interventionist-SLP 620.229.8304
Herndon, Kellie Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.229.8304
Wilke, Emilee Early Intervention-Program Coordinator 620.229.8304
Woody, Stacee Administrative Assistant 620.229.8304

Russell Child Development Center 

714 Ballinger
Garden City, KS 67846


Name Title Email Phone
Almaguer, Tiffany Early Interventionist/Registered Nurse 888.877.3717
Becker, Dani Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Berry, Deanna Early Intervention-Program Director 888.877.3717
Coulter, Karen Family Liason/Targeted Case Manager 888.877.3717
Craig, May Early Interventionist/Occupational Therapist 888.877.3717
Cure, Staci Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Dahlke, Melissa Program Assistant 888.877.3717
Daughty, Melissa Early Interventionist/Physical Therapist 888.877.3717
Dechant, Sarah Early Interventionist/Occupational Therapist 888.877.3717
DeLoach, David Early Intervention Program Director 888.877.3717
Eichhorn, Brook Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Ellermann, Cara RCDC-Child and Adult Care Food Program Director 888.877.3717
Garcia, Erika Early Interventionist/Social Worker and ABC Coach 888.877.3717
Goodman, Nancy Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 888.877.3717
Guinn, Lisa Learn & Play Coordinator 888.877.3717
Hernandez, Carina Administrative Assistant 888.877.3717
Hernandez-Lopez, Martha Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Hines, Corinna Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 620.275.0291
Hurd, Ashley Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 888.877.3717
Itriago Rivera, Maria (Eva) Bilingual Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Jackson, Haley Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Jimenez, Francisca Triple P Positive Parent Coach and Growing Togethe 888.877.3717
Kedrowski, Scott Special Initiatives Director 888.877.3717
Koch, Kimberly RCDC-Administrative Assistant 888.877.3717
Lemons, Jessica Data Manager 888.877.3717
Limas, Adeth RCDC-Bilingual Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Lowry, Katrina Early Childhood Programs Director 888.877.3717
Lujan, Marissa Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Marquez, Flor Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Marrufo Armendariz, Alma Early Interventionist/Social Worker 888.877.3717
McNutt, Dana RCDC-Financial Officer 888.877.3717
McNutt, Shelby RCDC-Temporary, Seasonal Maintenance Worker 620.275.0291
Miles, Sara Marketing and Communications Specialist 888.877.3717
Montoya, Magdalena Bilingual Paraprofessional and CACFP Assistant 888.877.3717
Morales, Maria Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Moser, Kendall Early Interventionist/Registered Nurse 888.877.3717
Nondorf, Janice Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Ordonez Vicente, Maria RCDC-Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Padilla, Estrella Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Pasek, Bethanee Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 888.877.3717
Purdy, Mattie RCDC-Administrative Specialist 620.275.0364
Ramos, Denisse Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Reist, Amy Early Interventionist/Registered Nurse 620.275.0291
Richmeier, Laura Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Sater, Shara Data Manager 888.877.3717
Savage, Joy Growing Together Home Visitor 620.275.0291
Schatz, Dannah Triple P Positive Parenting and ABC Coach 888.877.3717
Schmidt, Christine Early Interventionist/Occupational Therapist 888.877.3717
Silva, Griselda Bilingual Paraprofessional 888.877.3717
Smith, Ashley RCDC-Triple P Coach 888.877.3717
Smith, Julie RCDC-Child and Adult Care Food Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Thackery, Kayla Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 620.275.0291
Wills, Stephanie Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717

SEK Birth to Three 

947 W. 47 Hwy.
PO Box 189
Girard, KS 66743


Name Title Email Phone
Barkley, Dena Speech Language Pathologist 620.724.6281
Bates, Donna Early Interventionist-RN 620.724.6281
Burnett, Amy Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Case, Beth Early Interventionist-MSW 620.724.6281
Fiscus, Jeanne Administrative Assistant/Paraprofessional 620.724.6281
Griesel, Sarah Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Gudmonson, Liz Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Hobbs, Misty Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Holsinger, Kimi Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Kelly, Jennifer Early Interventionist-OT 620.724.6281
LaBach, Elaine Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Lopez, Jennifer Program Assistant 620.724.6281
Miller, Christine Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Montgomery, Micaelyn Early Interventionist-SLP 620.724.6281
O'Ferrell, Chrissy Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Parizek, Brandi Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Pringle, Haley Early Interventionist-SLP 620.724.6281
Richard, Jennifer Early Interventionist-MSW 620.724.6281
Schaper, Teresa Early Interventionist-RN 620.724.6281
Schmidt, Maggie Early Interventionist-OT 620.724.6281
Smith, Kimberly Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.235.3150
Stone, Liz Early Intervention-Program Coordinator 620.724.6281
Tromsness, Lindsey Early Interventionist-PT 620.724.6281
Trout, Wendy Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Westerman, Jennifer Early Interventionist-MSW 620.724.6281


2701 SW Randolph Ave.
Topeka, KS 66611


Name Title Email Phone
Benham, Heidi Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Bracciano, Dena Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Budiardjo, Tamy Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Burrow, Marita Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Dahlstrom, Sarah Early Interventionist-PT 785.232.0597
Delgado, Alisha Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Eigenman, Lori Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Frantz-Langford, Kelly Early Intervention-Program Director 785.232.0597
Handy, Cecilia Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Heim, Jennie Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Henn, Denise Early Interventionist-OT 785.232.0597
Hill, Megan Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Huddleston, Tammy Early Intervention-Paraprofessional 785.232.0597
Johnson, Beverlie Early Interventionist-OT 785.232.0597
Jones, Deana Social Worker 785.232.0597
Kaul, Erin Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Kelpin, Verity Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Kersenbrock-Bartlett, Cheri Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Knapp-Palmer, Martha Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
McGeary-Thompson, Mary Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Nance, Kayla Early Interventionist-OT 785.232.0597
Nickel, Kathleen Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Pierson, Katie Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Pocisk, Gretchen Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Schmidt, Hillary Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Stockard, Jennifer Early Interventionist-MSW 785.232.0597
Torneden, Nicole Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Travis, Tracy Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Wolgast, Deborah Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597

The Center 

1600 N. Walnut
Pittsburg, KS 66762


Name Title Email Phone
Tate, Janelle Transitions Coordinator 620.235.3150
Whetzell, Samantha Preschool Teacher 620.724.6281