Infant-Toddler Networks


947 W. 47 Hwy.
PO Box 189
Girard, KS 66743


Name Title Email Phone
Murnan, Monica Director Of Student Support Services 620.724.6281

OCCK, Inc - Cloud, Dickinson and Republic Counties 

1710 W Schilling Rd
Salina, KS 67401


Name Title Email Phone
Jefferson, Nancy Early Intervention-Paraprofessional 785.243.1977

Infant-Toddler Services of Johnson County 

6400 Glenwood St.
Mission, KS 66202


Name Title Email Phone
Addison, K'cie Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Amensen, Erica Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Anderson, Chloe Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Antista, Elise Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Arndt, Lori Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Ashley, Angele Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Bacon, Kaitlin Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Bax, Haley Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Byrd, Beverly Early Interventionist-RN 913.432.2900
Cannon, Judy Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Carson, Lezli Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Conn, Molly Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Devlin, Nadine Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Dyer, Susan Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Estes, Tracy Early Interventionist-MSW 913.432.2900
Gahagan, Teresa Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Grosdidier, Carrie Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Guthrie, Cathy Early Intervention-Office Manager 913.432.2900
Harris, Heather Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Hill, Christine Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Hoelting, Katie Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Kieffer, Libby Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Mailloux, Jocelyn Early Interventionist-OT 913-432-2900
Mason, Kelly Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
McConnaughey, Magen Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
McGeehan, Mary Ellen Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
McGhee, Meghan Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Moreno, Jana Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Nelson, Laura Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Newcomer, Deirdre Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Olesen, Nicole Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Pate, Stacy Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Pedrotti, Angela Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Peters, Brooke Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Pickert, Stephanie Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Ross, Monica Early Intervention-Program Director 913.432.2900
Sasse, Lindy Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Smith, Kay Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Sohl, Hannah Early Interventionist-MSW 913.432.2900
Soper, Karin Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Stutz, Trina Early Interventionist-PT 913.432.2900
Talbott, Suzanne Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Weber, Dana Early Interventionist-RD 913.432.2900
Wiedower, Nikki Early Interventionist-OT 913.432.2900
Wilcox, Amy Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.432.2900
Woodring, Meredith Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Worley, Stacey Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900
Yates, Lynn Early Interventionist-SLP 913.432.2900

Leavenworth County Infant-Toddler Services 

210 E. Mary
Lansing, KS 66043


Name Title Email Phone
Chop, Kelli Early Interventionist-OT 913.250.1111
Foster, Anna Early Interventionist-SLP 913.250.1111
Hernandez, Maureen Early Intervention-Program Director 913.250.1111
Hiebert, Lori Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.250.1111
Maiava, Ashley Early Interventionist-SLP 913.250.1111
Matthews, Deborah Program Support 913.250.1111
Quisenberry, Tricia Early Interventionist-ECSE 913.250.1111

REACH tiny-k 

1407 Wheat Rd
Winfield, KS 67156


Name Title Email Phone
Bowling, Zoe Early Interventionist-MSW 620.229.8304
Fox, Julie Early Interventionist-SLP 620.229.8304
Herndon, Kellie Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.229.8304
Wilke, Emilee Early Intervention-Program Coordinator 620.229.8304
Woody, Stacee Administrative Assistant 620.229.8304

Russell Child Development Center 

714 Ballinger
Garden City, KS 67846


Name Title Email Phone
Almaguer, Tiffany Early Interventionist/Registered Nurse 888.877.3717
Becker, Dani Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Berry, Deanna Early Intervention-Program Director 888.877.3717
Coulter, Karen Family Liason/Targeted Case Manager 888.877.3717
Craig, May Early Interventionist/Occupational Therapist 888.877.3717
Cure, Staci Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Dahlke, Melissa Program Assistant 888.877.3717
Daughty, Melissa Early Interventionist/Physical Therapist 888.877.3717
Dechant, Sarah Early Interventionist/Occupational Therapist 888.877.3717
DeLoach, David Early Intervention Program Director 888.877.3717
Eichhorn, Brook Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Ellermann, Cara RCDC-Child and Adult Care Food Program Director 888.877.3717
Garcia, Erika Early Interventionist/Social Worker and ABC Coach 888.877.3717
Goodman, Nancy Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 888.877.3717
Guinn, Lisa Learn & Play Coordinator 888.877.3717
Hernandez, Carina Administrative Assistant 888.877.3717
Hernandez-Lopez, Martha Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Hines, Corinna Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 620.275.0291
Hurd, Ashley Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 888.877.3717
Itriago Rivera, Maria (Eva) Bilingual Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Jackson, Haley Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Jimenez, Francisca Triple P Positive Parent Coach and Growing Togethe 888.877.3717
Kedrowski, Scott Special Initiatives Director 888.877.3717
Koch, Kimberly RCDC-Administrative Assistant 888.877.3717
Lemons, Jessica Data Manager 888.877.3717
Lowry, Katrina Early Childhood Programs Director 888.877.3717
Lujan, Marissa Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Marquez, Flor Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
McNutt, Dana RCDC-Financial Officer 888.877.3717
McNutt, Shelby RCDC-Temporary, Seasonal Maintenance Worker 620.275.0291
Miles, Sara Marketing and Communications Specialist 888.877.3717
Montoya, Magdalena Bilingual Paraprofessional and CACFP Assistant 888.877.3717
Morales, Maria Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Moser, Kendall Early Interventionist/Registered Nurse 888.877.3717
Nondorf, Janice Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Ordonez Vicente, Maria RCDC-Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Padilla, Estrella Triple P Positive Parenting Coach 888.877.3717
Pasek, Bethanee Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 888.877.3717
Purdy, Mattie RCDC-Administrative Specialist 620.275.0364
Ramos, Denisse Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Reist, Amy Early Interventionist/Registered Nurse 620.275.0291
Richmeier, Laura Growing Together Home Visitor 888.877.3717
Sater, Shara Data Manager 888.877.3717
Savage, Joy Growing Together Home Visitor 620.275.0291
Schatz, Dannah Triple P Positive Parenting and ABC Coach 888.877.3717
Schmidt, Christine Early Interventionist/Occupational Therapist 888.877.3717
Silva, Griselda Bilingual Paraprofessional 888.877.3717
Smith, Julie RCDC-Child and Adult Care Food Program Assistant 620.275.0291
Thackery, Kayla Early Interventionist/Speech Language Pathologist 620.275.0291
Wills, Stephanie Early Interventionist/ECSE Teacher 888.877.3717
Winters, Ashley RCDC-Triple P Coach 888.877.3717

SEK Birth to Three 

947 W. 47 Hwy.
PO Box 189
Girard, KS 66743


Name Title Email Phone
Barkley, Dena Speech Language Pathologist 620.724.6281
Bates, Donna Early Interventionist-RN 620.724.6281
Burnett, Amy Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Case, Beth Early Interventionist-MSW 620.724.6281
Fiscus, Jeanne Administrative Assistant/Paraprofessional 620.724.6281
Griesel, Sarah Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Gudmonson, Liz Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Hobbs, Misty Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Holsinger, Kimi Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Kelly, Jennifer Early Interventionist-OT 620.724.6281
LaBach, Elaine Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Lopez, Jennifer Program Assistant 620.724.6281
Miller, Christine Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Montgomery, Micaelyn Early Interventionist-SLP 620.724.6281
O'Ferrell, Chrissy Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Parizek, Brandi Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Pringle, Haley Early Interventionist-SLP 620.724.6281
Richard, Jennifer Early Interventionist-MSW 620.724.6281
Schaper, Teresa Early Interventionist-RN 620.724.6281
Schmidt, Maggie Early Interventionist-OT 620.724.6281
Smith, Kimberly Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.235.3150
Stone, Liz Early Intervention-Program Coordinator 620.724.6281
Tromsness, Lindsey Early Interventionist-PT 620.724.6281
Trout, Wendy Early Interventionist-ECSE 620.724.6281
Westerman, Jennifer Early Interventionist-MSW 620.724.6281


2701 SW Randolph Ave.
Topeka, KS 66611


Name Title Email Phone
Benham, Heidi Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Bracciano, Dena Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Budiardjo, Tamy Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Burrow, Marita Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Dahlstrom, Sarah Early Interventionist-PT 785.232.0597
Delgado, Alisha Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Eigenman, Lori Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Frantz-Langford, Kelly Early Intervention-Program Director 785.232.0597
Handy, Cecilia Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Heim, Jennie Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Henn, Denise Early Interventionist-OT 785.232.0597
Hill, Megan Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Huddleston, Tammy Early Intervention-Paraprofessional 785.232.0597
Johnson, Beverlie Early Interventionist-OT 785.232.0597
Jones, Deana Social Worker 785.232.0597
Kaul, Erin Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Kelpin, Verity Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Kersenbrock-Bartlett, Cheri Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Knapp-Palmer, Martha Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
McGeary-Thompson, Mary Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Nance, Kayla Early Interventionist-OT 785.232.0597
Nickel, Kathleen Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Pierson, Katie Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Pocisk, Gretchen Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Schmidt, Hillary Early Interventionist-SLP 785.232.0597
Stockard, Jennifer Early Interventionist-MSW 785.232.0597
Torneden, Nicole Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Travis, Tracy Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597
Wolgast, Deborah Early Interventionist-ECSE 785.232.0597

The Center 

1600 N. Walnut
Pittsburg, KS 66762


Name Title Email Phone
Tate, Janelle Transitions Coordinator 620.235.3150
Whetzell, Samantha Preschool Teacher 620.724.6281