Behavior and Social Emotional Supports (BaSES) Consortium

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Dr. Ryan Vaughn
Behavioral Consultant and BaSES Coordinator
Lindsay McKanna
Educational Behavior Consultant
Dr. Kim Harrison
Clinical Social Work Consultant
Dr. Rich Harrison
Educational Behavior Consultant
Tina Haefke
Special Education Coordinator – Special Day Schools
Lori Hamilton
Special Education Assistant Director
Monica Murnan
Director of Student Support Services

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Consortium Purpose:
The Behavior and Social Emotional Supports Consortium (BaSES) builds capacity through professional development, online resources, on-site technical assistance through Project STAY and regional networking for administrators and school staff to collaborate with community mental health providers.

BaSES aligns to the Kansas Vision for Education through its foundational structures, focusing on a tiered network of supports, developing communication and basic skills through evidence-based practices and data-driven processes.

BaSES strives to improve relationships among students, parents, school staff and community health providers to create interconnected systems of care. Thus, the Kansas Mental Health Framework is a cornerstone of the BaSES Consortium.

Professional Development:
BaSES professional development encompasses a tiered framework of supports, offering flexibility to target the unique needs of each Kansas school community.

BaSES professional development is designed to create sustainability and collaborative communities of best practices. This consortium of learners and leaders will transform how Kansas educators respond to student behaviors. BaSES offers an array of professional development in a variety of formats including on-site, regional, online and video conferencing. We also offer individualized support to IEP teams as needed when student crisis situations arise.

Professional development content and resources are offered through the BaSES Consortium at three distinct learner levels along a continuum of cognitive complexity and engagement. Learner levels include Awareness and Knowledge; Application and Conceptualization; and Creation and Sustainability.