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Marie Hall
CTE Coordinator
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The Greenbush Carl Perkins Consortium provides a broad range of Career and Technical Education (CTE) initiatives to member districts. This includes incorporating CTE utilizing on-site training,  interactive distance learning and on-line instruction; providing high-tech equipment and requisite training; supporting teacher stipends and scholarships for training; providing support and technology to assist member technical education students in improving their reading and math skills; providing targeted staff development; and providing on-site technical assistance to member districts.
Kansas school districts that operate approved Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs and pathways are eligible for federal Carl D. Perkins funds which target the improvement of their approved CTE programs/pathways. Districts who are awarded less than $15,000 annually in Perkins funds are required to participate in the grant through a Consortium. We consolidate participating district’s federal Perkins funds and re-distributes the funds to the member districts based on an Annual Plan developed by the Consortium’s Advisory Committee. Funds are distributed to school districts based on a set amount per district for each Perkins activity.