Cohort Group Instruction

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Jason Wright
Director of Gifted Education
Gifted education services through Greenbush are offered in cohort learning groups. Students with similar ages, skills, and interests are put into cohort groups which reach across school district boundaries. Students in “District A” can be in the same cohort instructional group as students in “District B” and “District C”. There are several reasons why we facilitate instruction in this manner.
Benefits of Cohort Groups
  • Students create an early professional network with other students in their geographic region.
  • Students create new friendships based on mutual interests. This is especially beneficial to students from smaller districts.
  • Most post-secondary schools utilize a cohort-model of instruction. We prepare our students for this type of learning before reaching that point in their lives.
  • Allows for more targeted instructional groups; students only participate in cohort groups which fit their needs and interests.
Current Cohort Groups (Fall 2016)
  • Multimedia/Journalism/ELA (high school)
  • Beginning Coding (elementary/middle school)
  • Intermediate Coding (middle/high school)
  • Health, Medical, Biology (middle/high school)
  • Music Composition (high school)
  • FIRST LEGO League (middle school)
  • Electronics (elementary/middle school)
  • Architecture/Engineering (middle/high school)
  • Forensic Science (elementary/middle school)
Cohort Meeting Schedule
First Wednesday:
  • Beginning Coding (ICC West)
  • FIRST LEGO League (Fab Lab)

Second Wednesday:

  • Architecture/Engineering (Fab Lab)
  • Electronics (Fab Lab)
  • Intermediate Coding (ICC West)

Third Wednesday:

  • Health Care (ICC West and Fab Lab)

Fourth Tuesday:

  • Music Composition

Fourth Wednesday:

  • Multimedia/ELA (ICC West)
  • Forensic Science (Fab Lab)