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Misty Burke
Director of Prevention and Wellness
The 2015-16 school year had only just begun when weekend fun turned tragic for three USD 420 students.
The trio, who attended school in Osage City, were enjoying a Saturday fishing and riding an ATV when an accident occurred, resulting in the death of one student and two others sustaining injuries.
The death of a student, diagnosis of a terminal illness, suicide of a classmate and other crisis situations can produce an overwhelming outpouring of grief in a school community, requiring extra counseling and support as students and staff process the experience.
In this instance, the schools turned to Greenbush to help respond.
“We are a member of Greenbush Learning Center Crisis and School Safety Consortium,” said Troy Hutton, superintendent of schools for USD 420 Osage City, in an interview that Monday with The Emporia Gazette. “We made contact with them for assistance. We have extra counseling in the building. It is a difficult day, but they (students) are holding up and we are getting through the day.”
Districts from around the state have benefited similarly, welcoming help and advice from the Greenbush Learning Center Crisis and School Safety Consortium in the wake of crises when they have occurred, and attending workshops to help with preparation and prevention of other crisis situations.
The Greenbush Crisis Consortium provides direct intervention assistance with trained intervention personnel in order to assist districts in responding thoughtfully and deliberately when crises happen.
Since late 2013, Greenbush has responded to 23 districts’ crisis situations, providing some of the following services:
• Guidance to administrators as they inform their communities about student or staff terminal illnesses and deaths
• Counseling in the wake of deaths
• Training of counselors and crisis team members in crisis intervention support
• Advice regarding media questions
Since 2013, Crisis and School Safety Consortium has served dozens of districts and over 100 school personnel in professional development to improve the safety of schools.
• Active Shooter training in partnership with Department of Homeland Security provides districts assistance in updating policies to address intruders and create secure environments
• Crisis Training for the Front Desk Professional training provides support for the school support staff who are the initial point of contact in districts
• Cyber Security provides tips for securing the data infrastructure of districts
• Table top exercises and policy review supports districts in continually improving plans while keeping current with security trends
• Bus Safety and Sporting Event/Large Crowd Emergency Planning offers after hours and off