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Board & Admin Planning & Goal Setting Retreats

Board and/or Administrative Retreats

Greenbush offers completely customizable retreats for administrative teams and/or Boards of Education. Retreats include team building, long-range planning, and goal-setting, and can include overnight and single-day events. Contact Bart Swartz to plan your retreat.

Strategic Planning

In these challenging times for public education, it is important to identify goals and devise a plan to achieve them. Engaging a wide range of people in the process creates a broader understanding and support for those goals, resulting in greater success.

Greenbush is proud to facilitate planning sessions for districts. Our planning sessions…

  • Utilize focus groups to gain authentic community feedback
  • Help connect stakeholders to the school district
  • Include measurable goals to help the district track progress
  • Help establish a long-term vision and mission for the district
  • Maximize the return on investment of available resources
  • Enhance stability and reduce anxiety associated with an unknown future
  • Create a broader understanding of the district’s strengths and challenges
  • Are customized to fit each individual school district