Competency-Based Learning

What is Competency-Based Learning?

Working with other service center partners and KSDE, Greenbush has created a starting point for schools and districts to consider using as they begin this conversation. Competency-Based learning emerged in Kansas education the summer of 2020 with the release of the Navigating Change guidance document. Greenbush was a leader in writing that portion of the document, as well as providing early professional learning on the topic.

“I am proud to be a part of transformational cultural change by educating America’s children. I promise to use what I have learned to help my students become the purpose-driven people they were created to be.”
“I really appreciate the thought and effort that went into putting this equity training together. I have been trying to figure out how to learn how I could better be equitable in my classroom. This training sparked old ideas I have had that my schools have not adopted. I will try to present them again. Perhaps the lens with which my ideas will be seen may be different given our current circumstances.”
“The concept of “fast-forwarding” (as opposed to “feedback”) is interesting and I will implement that right away. Mastery-based grading is something that I can implement in practice activities and daily work. Thanks!”
Greenbush - The Education Service Center