Competency-Based Learning

What is Competency-Based Learning?

Working with other service center partners and KSDE, Greenbush has created a starting point for schools and districts to consider using as they begin this conversation. Use the resources below to dive into the Navigating Change document that includes the statewide competencies, as well as talking points to share with your stakeholders about the differences between Competency-Based Learning models and more traditional education models. 

Competency-Based Learning Professional Development Section

To help support teams of educators and administrators in successfully  implementing competency-based learning, we have developed a series of online modules that begins with participants first completing a self-assessment to determine their readiness with each topic. Then, they can learn additional information and strategies through additional modules at their own pace. The modules were created based on pillars of successful components of competency-based learning from the Aurora Institute. Additionally, we were intentional in remaining broad and general in developing this content, so not every module focuses on the Kansas-specific competencies outlined in the recently-released Navigating Change document. Therefore, these modules are intended to guide schools through competency-based learning implementation beginning with foundational mindsets and skills and then moving toward full integration of these pillars or philosophies.

Next, take the self-assessment survey. Completing the survey will result in you receiving an email with your next steps. Please check your junk mail. If you have not received an email within 24-hours, please contact for support. Note for Building and/or district administrators: We can help provide summative data regarding these self assessments for your building and/or district. Please reach out to Jennifer Hanni or Michael Koonce.

“I am proud to be a part of transformational cultural change by educating America’s children. I promise to use what I have learned to help my students become the purpose-driven people they were created to be.”
“I really appreciate the thought and effort that went into putting this equity training together. I have been trying to figure out how to learn how I could better be equitable in my classroom. This training sparked old ideas I have had that my schools have not adopted. I will try to present them again. Perhaps the lens with which my ideas will be seen may be different given our current circumstances.”
“The concept of “fast-forwarding” (as opposed to “feedback”) is interesting and I will implement that right away. Mastery-based grading is something that I can implement in practice activities and daily work. Thanks!”
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