Greenbush University

Greenbush University and Greenbush Training Camp provide live and recorded webinars on a multitude of professional development topics that can be combined for college credit. Greenbush University runs during June and July, while Greenbush Training Camp focuses on just-in-time opportunities during the pre-service weeks in August.

Professional Development and Relevant Training

“Thank you for offering these opportunities and for all of the support during this time!”
“An excellent presentation on an extremely relevant topic. An hour didn’t do justice to all the information presented!”
“Thank you for continuing to host these relevant sessions. And, for sharing the recordings so that we can go back and view them at anytime as well.”
“Presenters were authentic, knowledgeable, and approachable. Good advice and suggestions.”
“I initially chose this session to fulfill the need for college credits. I am so glad I did! The presenter knew her stuff. She is highly informative and answered questions from viewers. I would be happy to be a part of future presentations by her.”
“I am looking forward to meeting with my peers to share what I have learned.”
“Hands down phenomenal presenter! She shared such great information!”
“I have loaded up on Greenbush offerings this summer and this one has been the most beneficial by far! Lots of tools to use with my middle schoolers!”
“I hope Greenbush offers online learning sessions next summer. The sessions have been awesome…..very informative! I have attended 12 sessions so far. I have 5 more….great topics and great presenters!”

Interested in Presenting?

Greenbush is proud to partner with education professionals in providing high quality training sessions for professional development and college credit. We’d love to talk you about presentation opportunities through these programs.

Questions on the Programs?

Sessions are available all year at Continuous Learning. If you have questions on the programs, please feel free to reach out.

Contact Name: Jennifer Hanni
Title: Director of School Improvement
Phone Number: 785.871.1716
Email: jennifer.hanni@greenbush.
Contact Name: Lisa Mcatee
Title: Event Coordinator
Phone Number: 620.724.6281