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Ongoing Educator Development

Greenbush School Improvement Services supports participating districts through a variety of evidence-based processes, programs, and professional learning. Delivery of our professional development services occurs through our center-based support at the main campus in Girard, our Greenbush Resource Center in Lawrence, and at the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan. 

We understand the value of regional collaboration, so our efforts often focus on building professional networks through our center-based professional development events. Additionally, we recognize that districts have unique needs which we strive to serve through on-site support and live webinars.

Beliefs & Responsibilities

Utilizing the knowledge, skills, certifications, and experiences of our team and consultants, our professional learning is based on forward-thinking concepts, best practices, and a systems approach to continuous improvement. Our belief is that we are a partner in this journey and we will strive to help leaders build local capacity and efficacy within buildings and among staff.  

Partnerships & Professional Relationships

We continue to grow new and expand existing partnerships and professional relationships with experts in the field, which allows our team to provide the most relevant and timely professional learning regarding the ever-changing landscape of education, both in Kansas and from the national perspective. 

This includes supporting local efforts to not only achieve the state vision of leading the world in the success of every student through the Kansans CAN! initiative, but also meeting the individual and unique needs of each district that participates in our consortium.