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Leonard Scotto
Site Coordinator
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Angie Miller
Teaching Assistant
The Eudora Virtual Learning Center offers a personalized learning experience for high school students and adults alike, through a customizable blend of online classes and in-person support from educators. Let us help you reach your goals!
Eudora VLC
Typical virtual students:
  • Homebound individuals
  • Homeschool students
  • Desire an alternative learning environment
  • Struggle to succeed in a traditional school setting

Other situations could include:

  • Accelerated learners
  • Personal or family situation that requires frequent, ongoing absences
  • Adult learners, age 19 and older, who want to complete a high school diploma
  • Students continuing studies while suspended or expelled
Is the Eudora VLC right for me?
The Eudora Virtual Learning Center provides a flexible way for students in grades 9-12 and adults to earn their high school diplomas — outside the classroom and traditional schedules, but with a full range of course options and learning support.
Eudora VLC students have the opportunity to earn a fully accredited Eudora High School diploma. The program is audited annually and approved by the Kansas State Department of Education.
What’s required of Eudora VLC students?
  • Maintain attendance and meet requirements for coursework progress.
  • Attend progress meetings on site as required.
  • Complete all proctored exams at the Eudora Community Learning Center or through a video chat from your home.
  • Comply with student requirements for completing all state assessments.
  • Enrollment in the school year by September 15 for high school students under age 19. (Adult learners age 19 and over may enroll throughout the year.)

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Districts Served
Baldwin City USD 348
Eudora USD 491
Monday- Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm