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Jason Wright
Director of Gifted Education
The gifted education program at Greenbush has a full-time faculty of four professionals. Because we travel daily, it is difficult to meet in person without first scheduling a meeting with us. The best way to reach us is by email. For questions about a specific student in the program, please contact your child’s teacher directly. If you have general questions about the gifted education program, contact the Program Director.
Mrs. Harrell
Peggy Harrell
Gifted Education Facilitator
  • Mrs. Harrell has been teaching for 24 years, 8 of which are in the area of gifted education.  Mrs. Harrell previously worked for Tri-County Special Education Interlocal in the gifted education program.
  • Mrs. Harrell has earned a BSEd in the area of mathematics and an MS in the area of gifted education.
  • Mrs. Harrell provides innovative gifted education services for elementary school students.  She also serves as the gifted education facilitator for all students receiving the traditional gifted education program model.
Mrs. Clapp
Kathy Clapp
Gifted Education Facilitator
  • Mrs. Clapp is a graduate of Kansas State University. She has previously taught at St. Andrew Catholic School in Independence for 18 years. After spending thirteen of those years teaching first or second grade, she welcomed the challenge of teaching middle school science. She taught 6th-8th grade science as well as 7th grade English and Language Arts for five years, immediately preceding the time she began to work with Greenbush in the gifted education program.
  • She currently holds a teaching certification which includes a concentration in mathematics as well as being highly qualified in science and language arts at the middle school level.
  • Mrs. Clapp is currently taking graduate-level coursework in order to earn a gifted education teaching endorsement.
  • Mrs. Clapp serves students in grades 6-9.
Mrs. Chism
Whitney Chism
Gifted Education Facilitator
  • Mrs. Chism previously taught World History at Independence High School for ten years. Throughout that ten years, she also held other professional responsibilities, including working as a class sponsor, Friends R Us sponsor, NCA Committee member, and various other roles. In 2012, she completed a Master’s in Educational Leadership.
  • Mrs. Chism is currently taking graduate-level coursework in order to earn a gifted education teaching endorsement.
  • Mrs. Chism works with students in grades 10-12.
Mr. Wright
Jason Wright
Gifted Education
Program Director
  • Mr. Wright is a licensed school psychologist and school administrator.  Before coming to work for Greenbush, he spent four years working for Tri-County Special Education Interlocal (#607).
  • He has served as a member of the Executive Board of the Kansas Association of School Psychologists and continues to practice school psychology when not working with the gifted education program.
  • Mr. Wright has obtained an BSE in Elementary Education, an MS in General Psychology, an MS in Teaching, an MS in Educational Leadership and an Ed.S. in School Psychology.