Girard Location Information & Sessions

STEM in the Elementary Classroom
Lisa Blair
Director of STEM, Greenbush
Description: Come to this hands-on session to get some ideas and resources on how to integrate STEM (mainly computer science) in your classroom! The focus will be on making connections to the real world, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.

Gamification: What, Why, and How? w/Classcraft
Luke Henke
Math Teacher, USD 493 Colombus

Description: Gamification is the process of changing the classroom experience you provide into something generations iY and Z are more accustomed to – games. By adapting elements of games like CandyCrush, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, teachers can motivate and engage students at new levels. Apps and webpages have been developed to help teachers get an edge, one such tool is Classcraft. After further explaining the “what” gamification is, we will be looking at reasons to gamify the classroom and then how to start using Classcraft within the classroom through hands-on activities. Be sure to have a laptop or mobile device!

Play Osmo: iPads in Early Childhood Classrooms
Dwayne Taylor
First Grade Teacher, USD 249 Frontenac
Description: We will discuss ways to engage young learners and promote collaboration and critical thinking by using the Osmo, an award-winning technology tool with its bright manipulative hands on tools. Participants will be actively engaged in various lessons (Language Arts, Math, Art, etc.) using the tangible letter tiles and tangrams.
Classroom and Apple School Manager
Blair Anderson
Director of Technology, USD 450 Shawnee Heights
Description: Come to this session to learn about the many noteworthy updates to iOS and how it impacts the classroom. The four main highlights are:
  • Shared iPad: A new way to use iPads in shared learning environments, enabling multiple students to use the same iPad
  • Classroom: This new, free app for iPad, enables educators to take full advantage of iPad for teaching and learning. It provides elegant ways to keep students on task and contains tools for teachers to manage common classroom workflows.
  • Apple School Manager: Designed for technology managers and IT administrators, this new portal enables you to buy content, configure MDM enrollment settings, create Managed Apple IDs, and set up iTunes U courses.
  • Manage Apple IDs:  These new Managed Apple IDs enable staff, teachers, and students to access Apple services while providing managers the controls needed to deploy throughout a school or district.
A Growth Mindset Perspective in Math
Michelle Graham
Description: Research has shown that when students believe that their efforts and perseverance are central to their academic growth, they develop a sense of motivation that leads to their success. During this session, participants will be introduced to TenMarks, a comprehensive mathematics solution designed by teachers to support instruction, reinforcement, personalized learning, and student motivation. They will learn how these tools support student success and inspire “growth mindset” by closing the feedback and intervention loops, and by providing comprehensive problems to build mathematical thinking skills. Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler’s work on Growth Mindset and on reversing the message that one is either “good” or “bad” at math will be discussed.
A Whole New World with Google Drawings
Nathan Dingman
Webb City R-7
Description: Ever wonder what you could do with Google Drawings. Come play with this hidden gem by Google. Learn ways to use Drawings with students and in many other ways.
Using NBC Learn for Rigor & Relevance in the Classroom
Cyndy Harrison
Client Service & Curriculum Specialist NBC Learn
Description: This informative session will provide an overview of this engaging resource and share best practices for integrating video for multiple content areas including English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science into face-to-face, blended, and 1:1 classroom environments. NBC Learn K-12 features robust searching, browsing, and filtering tools to aid research and inquiry-based discovery; plus all 19,000 resources are aligned to the Common Core and Kansas state standards. With individual accounts, teachers, students, and staff will have complete access to our resources, 24×7, from school, and from home.
The Young and the Techless: The Daytime Drama of the Digital Divide
Tammy Fry and Student Presenters
Teacher Education Instructor, Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)
Description: Students deserve to have the right timely and engaging tools to access for their success in the classroom and in the ever-changing world in which they live. In order to be successful and compete in our world, students must be proactive in their attempts to find the best ways to gather and use knowledge. Please join us to hear high school students discuss their views on the best tools to be used and on the issues of inequity when it comes to making these tools available to all. The student presenters are all part of a high-school-level career preparatory program focused on careers in the field of education. “Students in the Blue Valley CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) program participate in internships, mentorships, networking, and futuristic modeling, Students are immersed in practices of educational technology and incorporate 21st century skills into every aspect of observation and coursework. Students study educational pedagogy as the basis for the profession and experience the true essence of the teacher-classroom experience. These students also present at local and national educational conferences in person or via Skype or other webinar tools and work in classrooms developing lesson plans, collaborating with teachers, and networking with administrators.
Breakout EDU
Tim Vesco and Eric Gudde
USD 249 Frontenac Schools
Description: Breakout EDU creates ultra-engaging learning games for people of all ages. Breakouts teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve. Breakouts are perfect for classrooms, staff trainings, dinner parties, and at home with the family! At the end of a Breakout, your players will be eager for the next! Specialty K-12 Breakouts can be used to teach core academic subjects including math, science, history, language arts and have embedded standards that apply problem solving strategies within a real world OR collaborative context.
Empowering Educators: If we can do it, you can do it!
Blair Anderson
Director of Technology, USD 450 Shawnee Heights
Description: See how Shawnee Heights School District involves educators in their decision making process to build a more positive relationship between IT and teachers. We will discuss and brainstorm ways to reach the ultimate goal for everyone in education: placing relevant technology in the hands of teachers in order to meet the needs of students and create a vibrant learning environment.
Engaging students through Multimedia and Educational Apps
Mike Ferrell, Jeremy May
Description: Using multimedia and educational apps in your classroom can help engage students, and empower digital learning. This session will provide insight on how to bring multimedia to your students, and some of the available apps that can make content more engaging for your students, and put minutes back into your day as educators.
Cloud Collaboration with Microsoft OneNote
Amy Hunt, Director of Educational Technology, Greenbush
Brad Miller, Technology Specialist, Greenbush
Description: Microsoft continues to be the leading software provider for both education and businesses. As part of the growing needs for education, Microsoft now provides several cloud-based services to suit the technology needs and budgets of school districts. This session will explore the possibilities of what OneNote, Office365, and Classroom have to offer for teachers and students.
Coding Tools for the Classroom
Rich White
Senior Developer/ Technology Instructor, Greenbush
Description: The ability to write code and design a solution to a problem is not only important to acquire for professional reasons, but coding, learning to write code, and design thinking skills are valuable skills all students should be able to leverage so they know “how” to think about complex problems. In this session, we will review and tinker with several tools that turn students into coders and designers!
Our Journey to Creating Bobcat iStudio (Makerspace)
Lisa Lund and Student Presenters
Director of Technology, USD 458 Basehor-Linwood
Description: We will talk about our journey in creating a MakerSpace for our K-12 community, demo some of our MakerSpace activities, and discuss how we run and manage our currently portable Bobcat iStudio. Students from my class will discuss how they run activities and are working towards mobile studio in our elementary and middle school.
Constructing Effective Digital Chat Sessions
Mark Dodge
Director of Distance Learning, Greenbush
Description: Do you have students who have a lot to offer, but opt to remain silent? Many times these students have a fear or resistance to public speaking. Give these students a voice through digital chat sessions. Participants will learn tips and advice to design effective digital dialog to engage all students.
Connecting with Students
Kansas Teacher of the Year Team
Description: Educational Research leader John Hattie points out that students who have constructive relationships with their teachers are more likely to do well at school, and teachers who actively build such relationships have a strong effect on the lives of their students. Drawing on the collective 180 years of experience from our KTOY team, we will present tools, ideas, platforms, and powerful curricular practices using technology as a means of connecting and building meaningful relationships with students in the K-12 settings (and beyond!).
Sphero’s, Bloxels, & Cardboard Goggles
Amy Hunt
Director of Educational Technology, Greenbush
Description: Sphero’s, bloxels, and cardboard goggles are all tools teachers can use to enhance student learning and engagement through technology. This session will give participants a brief overview of sphero’s, bloxels, and cardboard goggles and allow time to play with the tools!
Connecting Beyond the Brick and Mortar
Cinnemon Buie
Technology Instruction Specialist, Greenbush
Description: Looking for a way to connect with your students outside of class? Wanting a way to distribute resources and class materials easier and more efficiently? Thinking about flipping your classroom? Schoology’s learning management system can help you with all of these questions and more. This free, easy to use online resource can help teachers organize their content and stay connected with students and parents. Come check out this session to get started using Schoology today.
Empowering our Students
Lisa Lund and Student Presenters
Director of Technology, USD 458 Basehor-Linwood School District
Description: Our class at the high school, called BLHS BIT, will talk about their Google 20% projects. We are doing lessons and activities in the classroom as well as projects like the Bobcat iStudio, creating technology tools to share with students and teachers. The students will share about presentations they have given, Entrepreneur experiences, as well as shadowing opportunities they have in the Instructional Support and Services Class. See how we created that self-directed learning environment and lessons in critical thinking and problem solving.
Technology Trends & Challenges: What District Leaders Need to Know
Melinda Stanley and Indika McCampbell
Description: K-12 Districts are challenged with one of the most complex technology ecosystems that exist–managing devices, services, software & apps for the vast range of instructional needs while supporting an extensive range of operational, administrative, and management systems. Come learn about the trends shaping the ed tech landscape and insights to help K-12 district leaders prioritize strategic technology needs, connectivity, virtual/cloud computing, cybersecurity, & IT Staffing.
Growing the Profession with Technology
Kansas Teacher of the Year Team
Description: Educational technology has opened many doors for our students and brought their learning to life in the 21st century. Now it’s our turn! The many platforms and tools teachers can use to connect with other professionals is endless. The KTOY team will help explain and navigate through the many options teachers have via technology. We can become better teachers, find supportive partners, and connect with experts in our field through technology and we want to show you some of the best. We will look at Twitter, EdChats, Voxer, Pinterest, and many others. Our experience and personal stories of growth will show you the power technology has in our work and how it has opened so many doors for the profession. We want to make our Professional Learning Network a Personal Learning Network. Come connect!
Discovery – What Does NGSS Look Like in My Classroom?
Duane Waber
Description: The shift in focus of the science classroom to Three-Dimensional Learning allows students opportunities to develop science and engineering practices through disciplinary core ideas and cross-cutting concepts. These types of skills are not explicitly taught, but must be developed by experience. During this session, learn more about Three-Dimensional Learning and how resources from Discovery Education’s Science TechBook for use with NGSS brings these experiences to the forefront.
Fresh Grade, Seesaw, Front Row to Enhance Digital-Age Learning
Caroline Capehart
Teacher, USD 249 Frontenac
Description: Fresh Grade-The Fresh Grade app allows teachers to quickly and easily capture artifacts of student learning while it happens-through pictures, videos, audio recordings and anecdotal notes. Individual or group tagging, e-portfolios can be sent to parents or guardians for review. Announcements, student profiles and progress monitoring. Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of all ages to independently document and share what they are learning at school via pictures, videos, etc. There is also a blogging component that allows students to blog within the class privately or outside the classroom with others. Front Row-ELA & Math application/program-differentiated instruction made easy. A math and ELA program made for the iPad by teachers for teachers. It provides over 30K common core aligned questions that are graded automatically and given to students based on their level. There are also worksheets that can be printed out for specific skills-individual or group.
Creating Visual Webmixes to Enhance Bookmarking
Cinnemon Buie
Technology Instruction Specialist, Greenbush
Description: Statistics show that 65% of the population are visual learners. Enhance your student’s learning by creating a fun and simple way for them to “see” your bookmarks, videos, documents, etc. using Symbaloo. Create tiles visually displaying your favorite websites and other resources. Link your Symbaloo Webmix to your Google Classroom and your students can access your bookmarks from everywhere with any device.
Keep Calm and Follow On
Liz Mascher, Michelle Hudiburg, Tracy Rampy
Educational Technology Master’s Program, Pittsburg State University
Michelle Broxterman and Carrie Lance
USD 250 Pittsburg
Description: An interactive and collaborative investigation into the power of using Twitter as an classroom educational tool and to support professional learning and networking.
Cyberthreat Reality Check
Melinda Stanley and Indika McCampbell
Description: This session focuses on the current Cybersecurity threats, risks, and financial implications facing K-12 districts and provides steps to create more cyber-resilience within it. Topics include the current threat landscape, social engineering considerations and some ways KanREN can help you secure connectivity and services to prevent, identify and mitigate these threats.
Getting to Know the new SMART Learning Suite!
Sarah Caruthers
Education Solutions Manager, SMART Technologies
Description: An introduction to the four main components of the SMART Learning Suite: SMART Notebook, SMART lab, SMART Response 2, SMART amp.
Ditch Those Desks
Tim Vesco
USD 249 Frontenac
Description: As we prepare students for their future, it is time to rethink the design of classrooms. How can teachers increase student collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication if the learning spaces are not designed for that? Come to this session to see how teachers have created new and exciting 21st century learning spaces for students and teachers!
Engagement ThingLink Style!
Maria Clevenger
Description: With ThingLink, you can make pictures interactive. What’s great is that you can create your own library of ThingLinks for modification and use year after year. Even better is the fact that your students can create ThingLinks for your library. ThingLink is great for making maps, calendars, posters, etc interactive and it’s not at all as hard as it looks. If you’ve ever wanted to try it, now is the time.