Interactive Distance Learning

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Mark Dodge
Director of Interactive Distance Learning
Jon Stephens
IDL Networks Admin & Tech Support
Greenbush Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) Network offers courses to schools through teleconferencing technology.  When participating in IDL, districts experience increased course offerings and scheduling flexibility.  Greenbush works on behalf of member schools to operate efficient and effective distance learning technologies. We organize classes, create HD audio/video classroom connections, and ensure success. We provide students with high-quality education and enrichment learning experiences to classrooms all over the state of Kansas and beyond.  In a time where budgets are tight and open teaching positions become hard to fill, allow Greenbush IDL to be your vacancy solution.
Greenbush IDL is excited to offer highly qualified instruction to students via Zoom, an HD teleconferencing software. We offer courses in ELA, Spanish, Arabic, Math and Science. In addition, Greenbush IDL has partnered with Greenbush Connects to offer top quality special education services to schools around the state. Contact Mark Dodge at for more information.