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IDL Enrichment
We offer a hands-on approach to research, exploration, and discovery. With our IDL Enrichment options, students have the opportunity to participate in virtual lessons taught by Greenbush teachers. We also have partnership programs that are conducted by third party organizations but are available to our members. IDL programs typically take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, although other days may occasionally be available.
Current IDL Enrichment Districts
USD 101 Erie USD 258 Humboldt USD 410 Durham-Hilsboro-Lehigh
USD 203 Piper USD 286 Sedan USD 434 Santa Fe Trail
USD 234 Fort ScottUSD 288 Central Heights USD 487 Herington
USD 235 UniontownUSD 344 PleasantonUSD 499 Galena
USD 247 CherokeeUSD 362 Prairie View USD 505 Chetopa St Paul
USD 248 Girard USD 386 Madison Virgil USD 506 Labette County
USD 249 FrontenacUSD 397 CentreUSD 508 Baxter Springs
USD 250 PittsburgUSD 398 Peabody BurnsUSD 609 Greenbush Special Education
USD 256 Marmaton ValleyUSD 401 Chase
USD 257 Iola USD 408 Marion-Florence

If your district is not listed above but you would like access to IDL Enrichment, contact Michael McCambridge at or (620) 724-6281.

Explorations Labs
With our traveling Explorations Labs, teachers have the opportunity to have Greenbush teachers come to your school and conduct hands-on, standards-based lessons with your students. Explorations Labs can be scheduled on Mondays and Fridays.
Current Explorations Labs Districts
USD 101 Erie USD 250 PittsburgUSD 499 Galena
USD 234 Fort ScottUSD 256 Marmaton ValleyUSD 506 Labette County
USD 235 UniontownUSD 257 Iola USD 508 Baxter Springs
USD 247 CherokeeUSD 258 Humboldt USD 609 Greenbush Special Education
USD 248 Girard USD 344 Pleasanton
USD 249 FrontenacUSD 362 Prairie View

If your district is not listed above but you would like access to Explorations Labs, contact Michael McCambridge at or (620) 724-6281.

High School Labs
These labs are designed for classroom teachers to implement on their own.  The lessons are aligned to NGSS Standards and have all of the supplemental resources necessary to successfully teach the lessons.  Please contact Michael McCambridge for the password in order to access the lessons.

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