Kansas Communities That Care Survey

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Nancy White
The Kansas Communities That Care (KCTC) Student Survey is a vehicle for schools to track teen use of harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, in addition to teen perceptions about school and community involvement, bullying, gambling, and guns. In addition, the survey provides a baseline for teen participation in, perception of, and attitudes toward both pro-social and anti-social behavior at the peer, school, family and community levels. We administer this survey annually with funding from Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.
The survey gathers information from students in the sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth grades, by asking their opinions on various subjects, including sections on demographics and school climate, peer influences, drug/alcohol/tobacco usage, community-based perceptions, and family domain. Resulting data is used to help school and community leaders assess current conditions and prioritize areas of greatest need in order to plan prevention and intervention programs.