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As districts strive to meet the needs of their special education students, it is increasingly necessary to ensure all resources have been pooled and maximized.  The delivery of high quality physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy and other ancillary services are key to the educational success of many of our most vulnerable students.  At the same time they are some of the most costly. Seeking and maximizing third-party reimbursement efficiently and economically through your state Medicaid program garners extra dollars to ensure districts have the infrastructure necessary to support students.
The process of hiring and managing Medicaid vendors and setting up systems to capture those dollars can be an overwhelming and costly task.  Districts often view the system of Medicaid reimbursement as too cumbersome or complicated to be tackled on their own, often trusting high priced vendors to look after their programs.
Greenbush has successfully billed Medicaid on behalf of 63 Kansas school districts and special education cooperatives for over twenty years.  In the process of managing the billing for 68,000 active Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and $10,000,000 in annual Medicaid billing revenue, we have learned many lessons over the years and are willing to share information to other ESCs and LEAs.
As new opportunities become available to children through the Affordable Care Act, it may be time to consider offering Medicaid billing services to your member districts or re-tooling the system you have now to improve outcomes and lower costs.  We would like to help.
We are offering Medicaid program consulting and access to a low cost Web based Medicaid data collection system to ESAs, anywhere in the US.  Our Medicaid consulting and web based self-billing system allows any ESA the option to either start their own Medicaid billing program in a painless way, or replace one they have now, and at much lower cost.  Through a unique partnership with Compuclaim, who provides us an automated Web based Medicaid self billing platform, Greenbush can provide programmatic, technical and billing software services and support to manage or start your own program.