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Jason Wright
Director of Gifted Education

Greenbush is an organization of innovative educators. We are pleased to bring this innovation into the world of gifted education.

During the 2015-2016 school year, Greenbush began providing innovative gifted education services to students who were enrolled in school districts which received special education services from Tri-County Special Education Interlocal #607.  Greenbush has a longstanding relationship with Tri-County as Greenbush has been providing other special education services to Tri-County (including services for students with profound intellectual or behavioral challenges, audiology services, and students with hearing or vision impairments.)

This expanded partnership between Greenbush and Tri-County allowed for students in seven school districts in Southeast Kansas to receive a new model of gifted education.  The services provided through the Greenbush/Tri-County partnership allowed students with giftedness to receive a higher-level of exposure to gifted educational content and a higher-level of interaction with other students with giftedness within the region.  [This innovative model included two major innovative ideas: innovative curriculum and innovative service delivery.]