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Michael Koonce
Director of Learning Services
Jennifer Hanni
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Traci Hinman
Instructional Support Specialist
Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) Training Coordination
We have partnered with Ozanam Group to provide workshop-based and on-site training on developing a building-wide behavior support system. Teachers will adopt common language and procedures for implementing this system of support. Districts may incur additional costs with this option.
CHAMPS and Positive Behavior Support Training
We have CHAMPS-certified trainers to provide positive behavior support training from Dr. Randy Sprick with Safe and Civil Schools. Workshop settings and on-site trainings are available. Depending upon the level of support needed, there may be additional costs incurred by the district.
Color Code Interpersonal Skills
Staff will provide workshops and on-site professional development on interpersonal skills using the Color Code theory. The Color Code looks at driving core motive rather than behaviors when creating your personality profile. Districts may incur personality profile costs.
Customizable Surveys
Our staff can create customizable surveys to collect anonymous feedback. Results will be sent once the survey window closes, and our staff can provide additional support through disaggregation and analysis of the results at your request.
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Needs Survey: for staff focusing on current curriculum frameworks, instructional strategies and delivery, and how assessments and data are used to make instructional decisions.
Employee Perception Survey: for certified and/or classified staff focusing on job satisfaction, work environment, collegiality, and more.
Parent Perception Survey: for parents focusing on parent-school interactions, communication, a welcoming environment, opportunities to be involved, and more.
Professional Development Survey: for staff focusing on different topics desired for professional learning, delivery preferences, and more.
Student Perception Survey: for students focusing on student-teacher interactions, safety, extra-curricular activities, and more.
Greenbush Portable Team Challenge
Greenbush staff will provide a variety of team building challenges on-site and facilitate a debriefing after each activity to make connections between the activities and the roles/functions of school personnel. To utilize this option through School Improvement Services, your event must be scheduled no later than September 1, 2016. Please work with your School Improvement Services point of contact to schedule this event. Districts are limited to (1) one event through SIS.
Kansas Parent Information Resource Center (KPIRC)
We have partnered with KPIRC to provide you with resources and training. Workshop setting is available.
Student Improvement Team (SIT) Training and Support
Our staff can help your school create and implement a system to provide additional supports to students. Concepts include team meetings, data collection, decision-making protocols, and user-friendly forms. Training is provided through live webinars and on-site support.
Other Climate and Culture Needs
We will work to meet your climate and culture needs outside of the services listed above. Please let us know if we can meet your needs in another way.