Spring Break Camps

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Michael McCambridge
Director of Student Enrichment

Emily Roth
Camp and Enrichment Coordinator

Amie Beggs
Team-Building and Leadership Coordinator

Title: Tough Tykes
Date: Tuesday, March 20
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Price: $30
Description: Climb, hurdle, crawl, balance, and run! All the necessary skills to navigate our new Greenbush obstacle course. Tough Tykes will train their bodies and their minds as we master physical fitness in this camp. We will explore the five food groups to make well-balanced snacks and learn the importance of warm-ups and cool-downs when exercising. Tough Tykes may get a little messy; so make sure to come prepared in grubby clothes.

Title: Fuel Up for Fitness
Date: Wednesday, March 21
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Price: $30
Description:  Physical fitness includes strength, power, speed, and coordination. However, our bodies can only perform well when we fill it with the right things. In this camp, we will examine how food in broken down by the digestive system and identify how proper nutrition helps to keep us healthy. We’ll wrap up the day by putting our fitness to the test on our new Greenbush Obstacle Course! Please note: this camp may get messy! Come prepared in grubby clothes.

Title: The Greenbush Gauntlet
Date: Thursday, March 22
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Price: $30
Description: The Greenbush Gauntlet: a newly constructed obstacle course full of challenges designed to test your true level of fitness. Contenders will begin preparations for their trial by expanding their knowledge of health and well-being through hands on lessons in digestion and micronutrients. Then, competitors will ready their minds and bodies through yoga-based stretches before entering The Gauntlet. Finally, challengers will climb, duck, jump, balance, and swing their way to greatness!

Registration is now closed. See you at camp!

If you have any questions, contact Michael McCambridge at 620.724.6281