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Project STAY Referrals

Referring a Student: 

Consortium member school districts in Kansas have contracted with Project STAY to provide technical assistance, coaching, and staff development services. One of the services Project STAY provides is to conduct a Functional Behavioral Assessment of students who exhibit challenging behaviors. In order for a student to be referred to Project STAY the following steps need to occur:

  1. Approval by the Director of Special Education of the member district
  2. Parent(s) or legal guardian need to sign a consent form to allow Project STAY to become involved 
  3. An initial meeting (intake meeting) scheduled with Project STAY staff

Download a referral and parental consent form to submit to Project STAY via email (projectstay@greenbush.org). Completion of this entire form is required in order for Project STAY to take a case. Emailing referral forms is a required part of the referral process, as we are not always in the office to retrieve mail.

Project STAY forms

  1. Project STAY Referral Form (PDF)
  2. Parental Letter and Consent for Services (PDF)
  3. Authorization for Release of Information (PDF)