Student & Family Consortium

Student & Family Consortium

Greenbush works to assist school districts in providing much needed direct support to students and families. Greenbush Student and Family Consortium allows districts to customize the supports and activities they need to provide these direct services.

There are a multitude of beneficial services offered through this consortium. For additional information regarding these services, contact Monica Murnan.

Health/Dental Navigation, Enrollment, & Outreach

Greenbush point of contact to research meeting the needs of individual students and their families. Assist in enrolling students in state programs.

Homeless Liaison Support/Training

Assist in compliance with McKinney/Vento Act

Provide training to district staff on best practices

Family/Community Engagement Planning

District or building planning

Host one in-district event

Effective Communication Audit

Matrix review of district’s communication to parents/community

Recommendations for improved communication

Behavior Supports & Community Partnerships

Greenbush point of contact to assist with individual students special behavior needs that are not identified as requiring special education

Review of community resources to assist individual students

Volunteer Best Practices Tool

Greenbush point of contact to review/recommend how to maximize use of volunteers

Federal Assurance Support

Provide resources to ensure accuracy of assurance reporting on required documentation

Monthly Meetings with School Support Staff

Online and Greenbush site meetings on student/family/community support topics with identified student and family support staff

Grant Consortium Application Related to Health/Wellness/Student Success

Greenbush point of contact to coordinate and submit grant application to address health/wellness/student success

Home Language Survey for all Languages Needed

Acquire and distribute home language surveys to districts as needed

Discounted written translation of school documents including required