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Environmental & Custodial Consortium

Our goal is to help districts provide a safe, healthy school environment.  

What we offer:

  • Indoor air quality testing: The U.S. General Accounting Office reports that one in five American schools has indoor air quality problems. We help you identify and eliminate the conditions that promote indoor air quality problems in your school district.
  • Asbestos inspections: Our certified inspectors work with you to perform the most economical inspection possible so that you stay in compliance and keep your schools safe throughout all stages of their life cycle.
  • Playground safety inspections: Each year, over 60,000 American children are seriously injured on school playgrounds. Our certified inspectors help make your playgrounds a safer place for kids to play.
  • Record-Keeping: We maintain the mandated and required records for:
    • Written compliance and training programs for hazard communication, lockout/tagout, blood-borne pathogen, respiratory protection, etc. as required by OSHA, EPA, Kansas Dept. of Labor, KDHE, and others.
    • Mandated safety training: Government regulations require your school district to document that you have trained your employees regarding asbestos, chemical safety, blood-borne pathogens, lockout/tagout, scaffolding/powered lifts, and many other issues.
    • Voluntary safety training: We help your school district prevent injuries, cut down on worker’s compensation claims, and reduce property damage by providing voluntary safety training for your employees.
    • Maintenance/Custodial Support: Quarterly forums for maintenance/custodial supervisors to discuss the latest issues and techniques in housekeeping and maintenance.
    • Thermal Imaging: Greenbush possesses a thermal imaging camera allowing staff to investigate roof leaks, and water infiltration, along with the many other uses thermal imaging can address.