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Day Programs

Greenbush believes that all students can and will learn to be productive and responsible citizens. The special day programs prepare students for the 21st century while helping them achieve personal and academic skills necessary to enter the adult community with confidence and success. The students served have emotional, behavioral, and educational challenges that have prevented them from being successful in the public school setting. All instruction is geared toward moving students to their highest academic potential and greater competency for living in today’s global community.

These programs offer individualized instruction based on each students’ needs. Instructional strategies may include online learning, direct instruction, project based learning, vocational training, structured teaching, and character education.

East Central Kansas Academy (ECKA)

East Central Kansas Academy (ECKA) provides elementary and secondary students of the East Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative with educational services and supports designed to meet academic and social needs per their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students participate in a variety of community based and hands-on learning activities. A computer based curriculum is also available and utilized in conjunction with direct teaching and project based learning. ECKA works with each district to fulfill graduation requirements as per district expectations. Once students have mastered behavior modification techniques, they may reintegrate back to their neighborhood school.

Project Alternative (PA)

Project Alternative is an alternative school for middle and high school students with emotional and behavioral disabilities who do not function well in the traditional school. Project Alternative is housed on the grounds of Parsons State Hospital.

Project PLUS

Project PLUS (Positive – Learning – Understanding – Students) is an alternative day program for elementary, middle and high school students with emotional and behavioral disabilities who require additional supports above what is available in traditional public school settings. Project PLUS is dedicated to fostering a positive and safe learning environment.

Curriculum is based on the student’s individual needs and abilities, drawing from traditional materials, hands-on instruction, and online learning environments. Students at PLUS have the option to volunteer for two community organizations, which provides an opportunity to give back to local communities. Project PLUS is housed at Forbes Field and serves several school districts surrounding the city of Topeka, Kansas.

Mission Statement

Project PLUS provides a structured framework which promotes and sustains positive social behavior and successful academic performance.

Special Purpose School (SPS)

The Special Purpose School provides educational services for school aged students with severe behavioral issues who are residents of the Parsons State Hospital.