Time Tree


Introducing our comprehensive Time and Leave Management System designed specifically for school districts and tailored to meet the unique needs of school superintendents. Our system provides an efficient and user-friendly solution to streamline time tracking, employee attendance, and leave management processes. With advanced features such as automated time tracking, employee scheduling, and seamless integration with payroll systems, our solution enables superintendents to effortlessly manage and monitor staff attendance, track leave balances, and generate insightful reports. The system ensures compliance with district policies, reduces administrative burden, and enhances overall operational efficiency, allowing superintendents to focus on their core responsibilities of providing high-quality education to students. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and embrace a modern, centralized, and reliable Time and Leave Management System tailored to meet the unique demands of school districts.

Time Tracking

Greenbush Time Tree offers an intuitive platform for accurate and efficient time tracking. It allows school district employees to easily clock in and out, track their work hours, and submit time-off requests while providing administration real-time visibility into employee attendance reporting.

Leave Management

A streamlined process for managing employee leaves allows for tracking and approving leave requests, maintaining accurate leave balances, and generating comprehensive reports, ensuring smooth operations and optimal staffing within the school district.

Mobile Application

Our app can be easily installed and used on any mobile device, providing flexibility and convenience for employees to clock in and out from anywhere. Additionally, for those who prefer a traditional time clock setup, our system can be configured on a stand-alone device.

Payroll System Integration

Integrations with most payroll systems simplifies the payroll process for districts. By automating the transfer of time and leave data, the system eliminates manual data entry errors, ensures accurate calculations of employee wages, and saves valuable time and resources in the payroll processing workflow.