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School Improvement Services

What is School Improvement Services?

Greenbush School Improvement Services (SIS)  is a consortium of over 125 school districts and private schools covering much of eastern Kansas and beyond. The Greenbush SIS staff who support these school districts have served as administrators and school leaders who understand the various components that help systems operate. We strive to provide technical assistance and professional learning opportunities to district and building leaders, as well as teachers and support staff.

SIS districts receive year-round support in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and accreditation through customized professional learning plans and a variety of additional included core services, such as workshop attendance at reduced or no cost, a variety of collaborative forums, survey templates, district data profiles, and more

Consortium Benefits

  • Workshop attendance at reduced or no cost
  • Participation in our New Teacher Mentoring Program
  • Participation in a variety of collaborative forums and user groups
  • Support KSDE initiatives such as KESA, Dyslexia, Assessments, and more
  • Virtual, live, and on-demand collaboration and training sessions over a variety of topics
  • A district-specific Data Profile and guidance in using that data
  • Surveys, including climate perception and professional development needs
  • Unlimited participation at our Textbook and Vendor Fair
  • Coordination of multi-district professional learning events
  • College credit opportunities for both under and graduate level credits 

Jennifer Hanni

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Leaders, KESA, Redesign, Utilizing Data, AimswebPlus, NWEA MAP

Jim Dillon

New Teacher Mentoring, Student Engagement, Inquiry-Based Learning, Xello

Brett Fenton

Mentor Support, Project-Based Learning, Personalized Learning, IPS

Tonya Smedley

Textbook and Materials Review, Counselor Forums, FastBridge, PDP Toolbox and PDC Support

Amy Huizenga

Teacher Leader Cadre, Literacy Instructional Support, Instructional Coaching

Wade Redeker

High Impact Instructional Strategies, Literacy Instructional Support, and PLCs

Lisa Mcatee

College credit through Pittsburg State University, On-Demand eSeminars, Hospitality and events coordinator for all Greenbush facility events

Nikki Naumann

Hospitality and events coordinator for all Lawrence facility events