Family Experiences

Observatory Nights

Greenbush StarGazers

Welcome to Greenbush StarGazers, your free ticket to the night sky! Join us as we bring the final frontier to your backyard. At sunset, we’ll gather to discuss the stellar views in our night sky, upcoming sights to keep an eye on, and tricks for checking it all out at home. Finally, once twilight fades, we’ll sneak a peek at these marvels through the various telescopes in the Greenbush/PSU Astrophysical Observatory.

A Stroll through the Summer Sky

May 31 | 8:00 pm

It’s that time of year again. Summer is quickly approaching, long days full of sunshine, family trips, and barbecues! During these busy months, with their late-evening sunsets, Greenbush StarGazers will be taking a short intermission. But the show goes on in the night sky! Join us for our last spring installment to get a preview of the upcoming sights on display throughout the dog days of summer.

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