Family Experiences

Forward-Thinking and Team-Building Events for the Whole Community

Student and Community Enrichment services at the Center of Community Supports from Greenbush provide members of the community with hands-on experiences that are unable to be facilitated in a traditional classroom or leisure event. From camp and retreat centers and virtual observatory events, to Greenbush getaways and spring break camps, we provide forward-thinking and team-building experiences that will enrich communities and its students.

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Partnering with Communities

Greenbush partners with communities, organizations and schools to bring fun and enriching activities to the whole community. Through these events, we’ll help define and reimagine what your community can achieve, and provide you with the building blocks you need to make it happen. 

Serving Entire Communities

One Step At A Time

By bringing these Student and Community Enrichment activities to districts all over Kansas, the Center of Community Supports at Greenbush combines its expert team and valuable resources in order to achieve one main goal: helping your community. 

The events and services we provide have a proven success of facilitating positive and lasting impacts on communities. This approach to learning and team-building is both fun and informative, allowing students and families alike to make the most out of their home district.

Bringing Fun to Learning