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Greenbush is one of the largest providers of comprehensive driver’s education services in the state of Kansas. The Driver’s Education program eases the burden on school district staff by providing access to high-quality online coursework and expert instructors who are trained to help students become safe and responsible drivers.  


Our driver’s education program can be implemented at different levels to suit each district’s needs. Between state aid (currently over $100 per student) and the local decision to charge student fees, the program allows districts to offer driver’s ed in a budget-neutral fashion. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made between the district and Greenbush on an annual basis.

Option 1 – Online Classroom Course access ($70 per student)

With this option, Greenbush only provides access to the online software used for the classroom portion of the class.  The district provides the teacher.  Greenbush will provide training for the teacher to use the online software. The district will also provide the teacher for the in-car instruction.*

Option 2 – Online Classroom Course with Greenbush Instructor ($160 per student)

Greenbush provides both the online software as well as the teacher who will manage the software for the classroom portion of instruction. The district will provide the teacher for in-car instruction.*

Option 3 – Online Classroom Course with Greenbush Instructor and In Car Instruction ($280 per student)

Greenbush provides the online software, the classroom teacher and the in-car instruction teacher.  The district will provide an inspected and insured car along with fuel.*

*The MOU provides greater details regarding the roles and responsibilities of both Greenbush and the school district.

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