Medicaid Billing

Since 1990, Greenbush has worked with school districts, special education cooperatives, and infant-toddler networks to maximize their Medicaid reimbursements. Our team of experts facilitates access to federal Medicaid funding and reimbursement for health care services that are directly related to special education. 


Members of Greenbush’s Medicaid Billing Consortium have access to the CompuClaim Medicaid billing system and support from Greenbush experts. Working closely with our member school districts, special education cooperatives, and infant-toddler networks, the Greenbush team monitors and processes claims, ensuring districts are able to draw down all of the dollars to which they are entitled under the law. These dollars can then be spent supporting those students most in need. 


  • No upfront costs. Greenbush charges a flat fee of six percent of the Medicaid funds drawn—or less for organizations utilizing direct deposit. 
  • Reduced administrative burden. Drawing down Medicaid dollars is a full-time job in and of itself. By partnering with Greenbush, organizations reap the benefits of proper billing without the burdens of time, expense, and expertise required to do it on their own. 
  • Customized reporting. Detailed quarterly reports featuring custom data analysis from the Greenbush team help ensure consortium members are able to maximize their Medicaid revenues. This is a value-added service.

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