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Project STAY: Student Observation and Problem-Solving

Project STAY is a multidisciplinary team that offers direct, hands-on consultation for your students and staff in both general and special education.  Our problem-solving model comprehensively takes the whole child into account as we provide functional behavioral assessment, family and school communication, academic curriculum assessment, learning strategies, and system analysis for your individual students and classrooms.  Our goal is to provide technical assistance to your teachers and support staff in reducing disruptions in the school, increasing staff skills, and enhancing educational outcomes for all your students.

Referring a Student: 

Specialized Learning Services Consortium member districts have access to Project STAY student observation, problem-solving, and intervention considerations.  In order for a student to be referred to Project STAY the following steps need to occur:

  1. Approval by the Director of Special Education or Superintendent of the member district
  2. Parent(s) or legal guardian need to sign a consent form to allow Project STAY to become involved 
  3. An initial meeting (intake meeting) scheduled with Project STAY staff