Outdoor Opportunities

Challenge Course & Team Building

Greenbush offers a wide array of team-building experiences that challenge participants to push beyond their limits and build trust and communication in one another, whether on our high and low-challenge ropes courses, in the new FlexPlex indoor facility, or using our portable equipment at your school.

Available adventures:

High Challenge Course: Participate in challenging elements up to 40 feet in the air while expanding personal boundaries and working on team support.

Low Challenge Course: Engage in team-building initiatives to practice collaboration, enhance social interaction skills, and explore group problem-solving.

Portable Challenge Course

Our Portable Challenge Course option provides the same experiential training in the comfort of your own facility. Perfect for large or distant groups unable to make the trip, our Team-Building Specialist will travel to your location with a multitude of activities designed to challenge teams and increase cooperation, confidence, and communication. These opportunities are adaptable to focus on your predetermined, site-specific goals, and may be implemented in conjunction with other concurrent professional development events. Our Team-Building Specialist will work with you and your team to build a customized program that fits your needs and schedule.

Outdoor Adventures

Come spend a day with us canoeing, participating in archery, playing Gaga Ball, fishing, and having FUN! We can also incorporate some environmental and conservation education activities at your request.

Introduction to Ecosystems (4th-8th)

*weather permitting

Join us for a guided hike around the Greenbush Campus as we participate in hands-on activities introducing is to five different Southeast Kansas habitats, the native species, and learn about the interactions between biotic and abiotic factors within these ecosystems.

Standards: 5-LS2-1, MS-LS1-4, MS-LS1-5, MS-lS2-3, MS-LS2-4