Leadership and Administrative Services

District and building leaders are asked to know and be able to perform increasingly complex tasks with little to no additional time or training provided. This creates additional stress on existing systems and people and can have a negative impact on school climate and job satisfaction without proper capacity building among leaders. Greenbush Leadership and Administrative Services offers support and training with the goal of collective knowledge share for the betterment of school systems throughout Kansas. We are proud to partner with districts across the state, helping define and train future leaders, while supporting and expanding professional capacity for seasoned district and building leaders.

Serving District Professionals

Members of the Administrative Services Consortium receive access to the below benefits.

-Superintendent Forums (Friday notes and Greenbush Golden Ticket)

-Central Office Staff Forums (2 Attendees)

-Annual Summer Admin Planning Meeting

-Enrollment in Employee Assistance Program for Superintendents (legal, financial, social/emotional support, counseling, and other supports)

-Emergency/Special Administrative Meeting (Budget Workshops, Accreditation, Grant Opportunities, etc.)

-Personnel Support (Personnel Issues, HR Planning, Hiring procedures, etc.)

-Professional Services Support for all Admin Staff(resume review, mock interviews, etc.)

-Emergency On-Call Support for Financial Issues

Leadership and Administrative Service Offerings

“I learned so many strategies that I’ve implemented into my daily practice. I’m a better leader and professional as a result of attending.”

“I enjoyed hearing the comments from the executive team and other participants. It is nice to hear different points of view and learn from others’ life experiences.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow this year! Every experience felt relevant and authentic.”

“My biggest fear stepping into an administrative role is the lack of experience dealing with those big “people” issues. This definitely helped those concerns!”