New Teacher Mentoring

Our New Teacher Mentoring Program provides first and second year teachers professional development as they move from a two-year initial license to the five-year professional license.  Through our program, teachers will have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and grow professionally with others facing the same issues and obstacles.

Understanding the New Teacher Program

Every participant must attend a Kickoff event.  During this meeting, we discuss the state mentoring requirements, resources, and additional programming for the year.

Boot Camp is an opportunity for teachers to focus on classroom management during the upcoming school year.  We will help teachers plan daily/weekly routines, special procedures, non-negotiables, discipline, policies and relationship restoration.

*New Teachers will be required to participate in one of the following Professional Development Series

Jim Dillon
School Improvement Administrator
Brett Fenton
School Improvement Administrator

Additional Resources

2019-2020 Greenbush Mentoring Checklists


Classroom Instruction that Works Graphic

Greenbush Mentoring Wheel (PDF)

Mentor_Mentee Collaboration Log

New Teacher needs assessment

Year 2 Greenbush Mentoring Checklist_Reflection Year 2

Greenbush Mentoring Mid Year Survey