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Alternative Learning

Greenbush is proud to partner with school districts and communities to offer valuable forms of alternative education to students of all ages throughout the state of Kansas. Our goal in working with families and districts is to ensure each student’s needs are met to maximize their potential. The wide range of partnership options includes Greenbush Virtual Academy, Greenbush Online, and Blended Learning. Districts partner with Greenbush to offer these programs.

For districts: We work with a variety of schools across the state to meet specific needs and requirements. Contact us to learn more about partnership options. For parents and students: check with your district to learn if these are offered in your area as well as qualifications.

Why Choose Alternative Learning?

We believe that every person deserves a quality education, no matter their age group or background. Alternative Learning services provide learners in all stages of life with access to flexible learning programs that can fit around any pre-existing schedule. 

This approach to learning comes with many benefits:

Greenbush Alternative Learning Programs