Mission + Purpose

Greenbush - Mission and Purpose - Center of Community Supports - Serving entire communities one step at a time

Serving Entire Communities One Step At A Time

Over the decades, Greenbush has grown to include a wide range of staff and systems designed to help communities where it matters most. The Center of Community Supports (CCS) at Greenbush gives stakeholders in local communities access to all of these resources in one convenient place.

Services That Help Communities

From research and evaluation to behavioral health, early childhood learning and Medicaid billing, the CCS ensures that the far-reaching experience and expertise of Greenbush is meaningfully working together to make positive and permanent change in communities.


Whether it’s helping municipalities, chambers of commerce, community colleges or community support groups, the CCS provides individualized assistance that uncovers and addresses all of your concerns in ways that make sense for your budgets and goals:

Greenbush - Center of Community Supports - Lasting and positive impact

Each service has been proven to have a lasting and positive impact on communities

Greenbush - Center of Community Supports - Research and evaluation

The research and evaluation service can help communities identify what does or should matter right now

Greenbush - Center of Community Supports - Four decades of experience

Services are provided by Greenbush, which has over four decades of experience in the areas of early learning, healthcare, and more

We provide all of this because a community is more than a place or group. When done right, it’s neighbors, friends, and people who support one another to ensure that success stretches from the aspirations each one has, to the needs they all share.
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