Meaningfully working with communities to make permanent and positive change

The Center of Community Supports (CCS) at Greenbush provides individualized assistance to help local groups define and reimagine what they can achieve. From helping young families educate their children and ensuring access to healthcare to visualizing data for grant applications, the CCS makes a positive difference in Midwestern locales by meaningfully working together with stakeholders in those communities.

Our services

The range of services offered by The Center of Community Supports has been designed to help communities where it matters most. Never before has this range of services been available holistically: by decompartmentalizating our programs into a single source of information, experts in a range of different fields can collaborate and help communities in the following key areas:

Benefits of the CCS

By bringing together the experience and expertise of Greenbush in the areas of early childhood learning, behavioral health, research and evaluation, and more, the Center of Community Supports serves communities holistically with proven processes and insightful data that can identify issues and solidify funding and support.


The breadth of services, depth of knowledge, and passion to meaningfully work together makes the CCS a unique and invaluable resource for municipalities, chambers of commerce, community colleges, early learning groups, and community support groups.

Greenbush - Center of Community Supports - Benefits of the CCS

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

Greenbush has decades of experience in the areas of early learning, healthcare, and more. The services we provide through the CCS have already worked separately as standalone programs, and all have a demonstrated ability to improve communities and schools.


Whether your community needs assistance with research and evaluation, behavioral health, early childhood learning or Medicaid billing, the CCS will provide you with access to all of the experience and expertise that Greenbush has to offer.

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