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Specialized Learning Services

Through no fault of their own, educators are often ill-equipped to serve many of our most vulnerable and challenging student populations. We believe that it is the right of all educators to have access to the highest quality of support, for all students to receive a safe, rewarding, and appropriate educational experience, and for caregivers to have the necessary means to support the health and well-being of their families and confidently engage in their communities.  Our mission is to foster connection and a sense of well-being in others so that our students, schools, and communities thrive.

Specialized Learning Services offers customized professional development opportunities tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether your district/cooperative needs targeted training for a small group of staff working with individual students or district-wide training, our team can support your professional learning needs. Our team appreciates the varying challenges presented to all staff, from district-level administration to paraprofessionals, as they educate students with diverse learning needs. We are here to educate, train, and support you in this endeavor.

Serving Districts Throughout Kansas

Membership Benefits

As a Specialized Learning Services consortium member, all of your staff have access to many additional learning opportunities at no additional cost.

Review Needs and Current Goals

-Meet with an SLS Consultant or the SLS Director to review district and/or building needs and goals 

-Review SLS options related to specific needs and goals 

Determine, Select and Schedule Supports

-Select customizable SLS professional development, coaching, and consultation options 

-Provide specific details for support delivery 

Reflect and Review

Utilize check-ins to review current supports and make adjustments 

Expand your Knowledge

Consortium members at all levels are eligible to attend our regional workshops at discounted rates.

-Student consultation, coaching, and video conferencing credited toward the balance on an hourly basis.

-Teletherapy services are credited toward the balance on a half-hour basis.

-On-site professional development services credited toward balance in increments of half-and full-day.