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Registration & Solicitation

Public Purchase

For the competitive bidding processes, Greenbush uses an online, eProcurement service called Public Purchase. If your organization would like to do future business with Greenbush and would like to be notified of upcoming bid solicitations, please register with Public Purchase using the following web address: https://www.publicpurchase.com/gems/register/vendor/register

How Do I Become a Greenbush Vendor

Greenbush-The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center currently partners with multiple vendors to provide a wide-array of procurement categories. If your organization provides a product and/or service that is already offered by Greenbush, then your organization will need to wait until the category is re-bid upon the completion of the current contract. Please review the vendor section of our website, where you will find the contract maturity date for current vendors.

You can register to receive bid notifications through our online bid platform, Public Purchase, by clicking here.

Should your organization provide a product and/or service that isn’t currently available through a partnered Greenbush vendor, please send a general informational packet including a proposal as to why you are interested in becoming a Greenbush vendor and what unique benefits you can offer our members to:

Greenbush-The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center
Attn:  Tina Smith
PO Box 189
Girard, KS  66743

Upon receipt of your packet, Greenbush will review the submission as time permits and will not accept suggestions via email or phone. If there is a new product and/or service that will be beneficial to Greenbush and its eligible entities, and the Greenbush team decides to move forward, a competitive RFP or IFB process will begin.

Due diligence will be conducted, and if the submitted product and/or service is deemed proprietary and will not push the competitive bidding threshold, Greenbush may enter into a negotiated agreement with the vendor.

Why Register?

By registering with Public Purchase, your organization will automatically be notified when bid opportunities of common interest, become available.  As registered user, your organization will also have the ability to respond to bids electronically.  (NOTE: Soliciting/responding to bids, or registering with Public Purchase does NOT automatically make you a Greenbush Vendor Partner.)

CLICK HERE to see how to register and participate in the bidding process.

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