Davis Electric Inc


The key to our consistent quality performance is the team of experienced master and journeymen electricians, PLC programmers and communication technicians who serve on the front line and represent DEI to our customers on a daily basis. Our employees are not only highly qualified, but are motivated and professional. We are proud to maintain a high tenure with our full time personnel.
We place priority on providing continuing education as a natural part of our labor training program. We support continuing education from our Master Electricians clear through our Apprentices. Our Master Electricians have attended such programs as Purdue University Project Management Education. Our Journeymen Electricians receive continuing education through programs provided by local colleges and seminars around the nation. We regularly hire graduates from area vocational schools and have established an in-house Apprenticeship Education Program in partnership with Garden City Community College. We provide scholarships to high school graduates pursuing the electrical field and offer part-time employment to them while they are attending classes.

Supplier Information

Address600 West Avenue A
P.O. Box 321
Cimarron, Kansas 67835

Contract Information

Cooperative NameGreenbush
Contract NameSafety and Security
Contract Number19.1 ESC-SAFESECURE2019
Contract Term09/19/2019 - 09/30/2021
Extension DetailsContracts and extensions possible through 2023.