FieldTurf USA Inc


FieldTurf is the company that invented and perfected long-pile, infilled artificial turf. The company that changed the industry.

FieldTurf was developed and engineered for athletes, by athletes. The company that changed the way athletes view “artificial turf”. Before FieldTurf, natural grass was considered by many to be the best solution for sports fields around the world – even though it required constant maintenance and could not withstand heavy use. FieldTurf’s inventors were not trying to create a better artificial solution, they were trying to replicate natural grass. The development was built around one question: “Can we make synthetic turf that is equal to or better than the best natural grass?”

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Cooperative NameGreenbush
Contract NameAthletic Surfaces - Natural & Synthetic Surfaces for Sports Fields, Tracks, Courts, Playground & Landscaping Applications, Synthetic Turf Fields
Contract Number020-A Athletic Surfaces,19.9 ESC-TURF2019 (020-A Categories 1, 3 and 4)
Contract Term03/01/2019 - 02/28/2022
Extension DetailsTWO CONTRACTS: Athletic Surfaces contract and extensions possible through March 2024; Synthetic Turf contract and extensions possible through March 2023.
CategoriesAthletic Surfaces