Teacher Leader Cadre

In Teacher Leader Cadre, we strive to support and encourage your district’s educational “Rock-stars” to strengthen leadership skills, instructional impact, and relationships. Your teacher leaders will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative professional community with like-minded motivated educators. 

Participation in this special cadre requires a nomination from the administration. The group will meet monthly throughout the year, September through April, with the exception of December.  This series of professional learning is aligned to the NEA teacher leader standards.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

-What can teacher leadership look like?

-Color Code Personality Science

-10 Mindframes for Visible Learning: Teaching for Success, Book by Hattie & Zierer

-Relationships and Building Trust

-Personalized Learning

-Better Conversations

-Personal and Professional Reflection

-Utilizing Data

-Evidence-Based Practices for instruction


-Social-Emotional Learning

-Family Engagement

“TLC has helped me to have difficult conversations. It has helped me to lead teacher led PD and become a better colleague. It has also helped me think about how I teach, my parent and community engagement, and what I can do to better serve my students and their families.”
Greenbush - The Education Service Center

Contact Name: Amy Huizenga

Title: School Improvement Services Administrator

Phone Number: 785.250.7024

Email: amy.huizenga@greenbush.org