Training Camp

Prepare Together…Succeed Together

As always, we look forward to serving you and your staff during your pre-service professional development. This year, more than any year, districts are seeking support on a variety of important topics to ensure the safe and effective reopening of schools.

Greenbush is hosting an event similar to Greenbush University this August. The goal is to provide high quality professional development to the thousands of educators we serve. Beginning August 10 and running through September 3rd, we will have a multitude of virtual professional development sessions covering the many topics necessary to reopening schools this fall.

This event will provide you and your staff with the professional learning most relevant to your needs, allowing you to build group or individual schedules to meet all needs. Meeting in person? Build a schedule where small groups can attend the sessions together. Looking for personalized opportunities? Individual teachers can build their own schedules; each session will end with a certificate of completion that can be used as an artifact for professional development points and/or be redeemed for college credit.