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We're accustomed to encountering a reaction of disbelief when people learn we've been in business since 1835.  It's unusual for a company to stay in one family's ownership for that length of time, let alone a business with a history of manufacturing everything from long furrowed plows to combat the rocky New England soil in 1835, to fire escapes and ski lifts in the early 1900's, all the way to spectator seating since 1960. 

But here's our secret: We're not a manufacturing center. We're an innovation center.

While today we produce the highest quality spectator and audience seating in the world, our real business is listening to, understanding, and solving our customers biggest problems. Almost 200 years ago customers needed plows, today they need spectator seating solutions custom fit for their audience. They need telescopic platforms that can safely accommodate a high volume guests with ease and transform facilities from event to event seamlessly. They need a company they can trust with their biggest moments, and we're more than prepared for the job.

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Address38 Dyer Street Extension
N. Berwick, ME 03906 USA

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Cooperative NameAssociation of Educational Purchasing Agencies
Contract NameBleachers & Stadium Seating
Contract Number019-A
Contract Term05/15/2019 - 03/01/2023
CategoriesBuildings & Grounds
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