Early Learning Services

Early Learning Services Consortium

What is the Early Learning Services Consortium?

The Early Learning Services Consortium is committed to providing schools, teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents with valuable training on early childhood development. Our mission is to provide districts with the tools they need to give children the best possible start in life.

All Early Learning Services Members receive the following benefits:

-Access to four early childhood forums at Girard and Lawrence

-Quick and easy professional development sessions like Reboot Your Child Development

-Guided professional development focused on Purposeful Play (virtual and district onsite)

-Instructional coaching for early childhood teachers and paraprofessionals (blended virtual and onsite model)

-Assistance aligning curriculum, data collection, data analysis, and budgeting

-Technical assistance for early childhood budgeting and KSDE early childhood grant

-Technical assistance in implementing the Kansas PreK/K Guidelines

-Technical assistance in implementing the Kansas Family Engagement and Partnership Standards for Early Childhood

-Complete district profile for 0-5 (use in KESA and for early childhood planning)

Monica Murnan

Director of Community Support Services