6th – 8th Grade


Virtual Science Lessons

How Fast Does Your Brain Work??– Taught by: Kenzie

How fast does your brain respond to stimuli? In this lab, we will first go over the parts of the brain. Then we will jump into a reflex experiment where students will get to see just how quick they can react. Materials provided by classroom teacher: For the parts of the brain, you can either choose to provide one zip lock baggie (gallon size)  to each student, or just a piece of paper. Details listed in the packet. For the reflex experiment, all students will need is a ruler and a data sheet that is provided in the packet.

  • MS-LS1-8 Gather and synthesize information that sensory receptors respond to stimuli by sending messages to the brain for immediate behavior or storage as memories.

Virtual Team-Building and Social-Emotional Character Development Lessons

The Hot Seat – Led by: Amie, Emily or Sydney

How will you do in the hot seat? Guess the mystery word by listening to the clues your team provides. 

  • SECD.MS.3.2
  • SECD.MS.4.3
  • SECD.IM.4.6
  • SECD.IM.6.9
  • SECD.IM.6.10

Virtual Social Studies & Cross-Curricular Art 

Around the World with Art: Adinkra Cloth – Taught by: Sharon

Adinkra is a printed or stamped traditional cloth made by the Ashanti people in Ghana, Africa. Learn about this type of fabric and create your own version of it. Teacher will need to provide tempera paint, paper, Styrofoam plates, and markers.

  • 6th grade – VA:Cr2.1.6. Demonstrate openness in trying new ideas, materials, methods, and approaches in making works of art and design.
  • 7th grade – VA:Cr2.1.7. Demonstrate persistence in developing skills with various materials, methods, and approaches in creating works of art or design.
  • 8th grade – VA:Cr2.1.8. Demonstrate willingness to experiment, innovate, and take risks to pursue ideas, forms, and meanings that emerge in the process of art-making or designing.